But my kindlz rox!

To introduce their new Google ebooks service, folks from McLean & Eakin, a very wonderful bookstore up in Petoskey, Michigan, made this very cute but sharp video (via Shelf Awareness). A bit of commentary below the embed….

I think that moment during the ellipsis, the poignant pause when the Kindelz guy says “But…our local bookstore rox,” and bangs himself in the forehead, contains the dilemma for indie bookstores over the past decade. Customers hold in their heads the idea that they respect or even love their local bookstore. Yet at the same time Amazon has made it so easy, so frictionless, so satisfying to find, buy and consume a book, and all at a now-expected lower pricepoint. People hold that in their habits. Breaking that habit will require some very smart maneuvering by indies. Like the smarts behind this video, for example.

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