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Yesterday I wrote about Eric Asimov’s recommendation of two wine books published and sold directly by their authors. And I’ve been thinking about what a bookselling world looks like when hundreds of thousands of authors sell their books from their own websites. How do customers find their way through such a fragmented marketplace? How do authors reach potential audiences? What is the shopping experience like?

In today’s 12 Reasons to be Excited about Publishing’s Future, Jane Friedman used her reason to point to OpenSky:

Authors can use this service seamlessly with their own site or social networking efforts. It’s one of the best tools I’ve seen to help authors build a sustainable business model that doesn’t rely on publishers or book sales.

And there’s one answer. That’s the kind of connector I was envisioning in yesterday’s post. This particular one allows bloggers to become sellers and, in the case of books, authors to become suppliers, and everyone to make some money while providing readers with blogger filtering mechanisms to sort through the independently published authors and pick out the best in a particular niche. It’s a neat idea, and I look forward to seeing how well it works in the book market too.

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